The Wild Isle


Near the Southern tip of the Murkwood Keys, in the Brine mixed by the ocean tides and stagnant swamp waters, stands a spire of rock, large enough to contain a small network of caverns, yet small enough to blend with the natural treeline. It is on this Isle that the Anneptii have come to make their home. Having forged a truce between their brethren in the northern marshes, the Baron of the Anneptii has claimed a spot not too far from them, which as rumor has it, has become untamed...

Baron: Azriel
City Style:
Aspects: Anneptii
  • The Baron's Domain
    Within the top most part of the spine lays the open mouth of a spacous cave, solitary from the cavern system that tunnels through below. Here is the domain of the Anneptii's leader. Entrance without permission is understood to be lethal...for few truely understand who or what protects this mysterious cave...
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  • The Spire Tunnels
    From three separate cave mouths spreads an intricate cavernous network within the Anneptii's spire home. It is here that most Anneptii rest and recover from their various activities. No outside light permiates this space, only the soft luminous glow of exotic mushrooms, which give sufficiant light for any of its occupants to see. No mortal has set foot inside and returned again from the den of the Anneptii...
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  • Wild Pokemon Gym
    Come to the Wild Pokemon Gym for a Claw Badge, but watch out for the BUGS sting.
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  • Chamber of the Kuma
    A single house, built atop a small islands surrounded by a pool of blood. This is where one comes to visit Slain Sougun, Lord of the Vampire. They come here seeking him to become a Vampire themselves. Withing the Chamber resides a massive walled pit with all but stone stairs lining it's walls. Down here, the ritual to become a Vampire is done.
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  • Outerscape
    Anything that isnt named by the Baron is part of the Outscape, his watchful presence keeps an eye, and mind on everything here.
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  • The Bone Yard
    A ancient and natural graveyard that stretches across the western boarder of the Murkwood Keys. Bones of every shape and size can be found here, some in entire skeletons of huge behemoths that once roamed the land, and others scattered about seemingly at random. The bones are not the most troubling ordeal, nor is the stench, but rather the Carrion Vultures and other scavengers which thrive on the decay. Inexplicably, some power has been given to these creatures through the carrion they feed upon, which has given them a hunger...a hunger that will not be denied...
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  • Whirlpool Crossings
    At almost dead center in the Murkwood Keys sits a crossing of three main water channels which bring, although very slowly, some movement over water through the marshes. The movement of these waterways coincides with a massive whirlpool, which sits in the crossings, its currents drawing the water in to drink of the salty brine from the edges of the Keys. The Whirlpool's currents seem to right and fall randomly and few once caught are able to free themselves from its grip. All caught in such currents and pulled into her maw and swallowed down into The Pit.
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  • Jutted Lake
    500 meters below sea level, with waterfalls cascading into it from all directions is the Jutted Lake. Down here lie some of the most vicious of lake creatures, ones only the Annepti could ever get along with.
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  • The Pit
    A mysterious cavern deep beneath the marshes of the Murkwood Keys. The great Whirlpool sucks in a deluge of water, and whatever is caught within it, which then plummets down nearly seventy feet into the earth, to the bottom of what is now loosely called The Pit. Ruins of ships and other sea baring vessels are said to litter the bottom, although it goes unconfirmed for none who have been swallowed have ever been seen again...
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