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Introduction and Rules of the Anneptii Aspect

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Introduction and Rules of the Anneptii Aspect

Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:26 pm

The Anneptii (plural) or an Anneptis (singular) are immortal beings similar yet different from Shrews. They draw their power from nature and have Navitas like Shrews, yet they rely more upon their shapeshifting abilities than Shrews do. They also are more animal-like than Shrews, who are more human-like. The Anneptii also have different ideals concerning power than Shrews do. The Shrews concern themselves with varying their power as much as possible, usually taking on 4-6 different areas of Study by the time of maturity. Anneptii are quite the opposite, believing that strength comes from truly centering ones self in whatever they learn. In this way, a mature Anneptii usually only has 3 areas of Study max.

Background History:
It was many eons ago that the Shrews and the Anneptii coexisted harmoniously. When Keiz was young, each Shrew was paired with an Anneptis for life just after birth and they become inseparable partners which could survive for millennia afterwards. The two races flourished this way for long after they became rooted in their purpose, preserving the dimensions and those mortals whom dwelt there. It was these mortals, however, that was the downfall of the two race’s union. It was often that mortals were in awe of the power of Shrews, who bent nature upon a whim, and often it came to a point that Shrews were deified and worshiped as gods. Unfortunately, mortals often confuse things they are unsure of, attempting to bend it to what they already know. They saw the Shrews, who took the guise of humans and the Anneptii at their sides in the guise of animals, and compared it to their own human dominance over animals. This did no bode well with Anneptii, especially when some of the Shrews began believing this myth themselves, having forgotten the long formed bond of equal companionship.

This pride began to rot and fester the bond between the two races until it became an all out war between the two. Soon, after much death and destruction spread across all the dimensions, the two races broke apart and the Anneptii left Keiz. These were dark times, for never had Shrews learned to respect their duty without aid of their companions, nor had they really learned to communicate with the biological forces of nature, the Flora and Fauna, as the Anneptii had done. History continued onwards, as the two races remained bitter enemies and avoided each other as much as possible. It was only a few millennia afterwards the the division of the Shrews came and the Dark War ensued. It was in this time that Shrews needed their companions most as they fought their dark brethren, the Eclipse. Even in their near victory, the Shrews wounds ran deep, as so few of their race remained. Even then, the Anneptii, too full of bitter hate, did not rise to the occasion, to either rejoin or smite their weakened friend/foes. Rather, they continued to remain anonymous, hidden in various parts of different dimensions, from the darkest corners they continued to watch...although for what still remains to be seen.
From the wildest parts of Kwandrivia, those still undiscovered or untouched, rises the once hidden Anneptii, who have been watching from afar. They have seen their chance, a chance to rejoin the known world once more. They also have seen their old companions come, and have seen they have changed, or at least these Shrews seem to be a little different from those they heard of and knew. An alliance has been formed now, although loosely, between the Baron of the Anneptii and the White Shrew. Although this allience is new, fragile, as is the two leaders relationship and history, there are chances of the bond between the two races strengthening and growing...and also of breaking...

An Anneptis has the ability to Shapeshift and combine this power with a limited number of Studys, which they can also learn, the same as the Shrews. The have many forms they can take, each one limiting their power to a degree or enhancing it, depending on the form. They also have Navitas Energy, which allows them to take power from whatever they have learned extensively about. This allows them to learn Studys, which are groupings of specific scientific or philosophical knowledge when the Anneptis can learn and draw power from.

There are 16 Studys total (currently known), and most are split into two categories: Philosophies and Sciences.


Philosophies deal with metaphysical powers and things that ordinarily cannot be explained by science. These include:
  • Teliology

Sciences deal with control over the 9 natural elements (fire, water, wind, earth, metal, wood/plant, ice, poison, lightning), as well as control over various natural laws that hold the dimensions together. These include:
  • Biology

There are also some Studys (most undiscovered) that fall in between the two categories. These include:
  • Mechanology
(All Studys are further explained in the Library Sections Topic ~HERE~) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Forms: Anneptii have natural shapeshifting abilities which allows them to take on many different forms. The majority of them are animal/plant based, however, there are some exceptions. (Some Forms are locked by rank.)

Animal Form: (Rank 7) Can transform into almost any type of animal, but strongest at the main type of animal (see animal types below). Will be 3/5 to 4/5 power level in this form if in animal form from chosen type. If in a different animal form, power level will be 1/5.

Human Form: (Rank 7) They take on a human form. This is one of their weakest forms, in which their power will be 2/5 to 3/5 of what it normally is. They only have one human form.

Transmorph Form: (Rank 6) This form is somewhere between human and animal, where an Anneptis can transfigure parts of themselves into animal characteristics within their animal type while still remaining human/animal.

True Form: (Rank 5) This form is an Anneptis true from, one in which their at their strongest. What they look like will be determined by their: Studys, Main Animal Type, and possibly Human qualities. True Forms are not as dependant on natural/normal proportions or restrictions of animal or human forms, rather are usually quite disproportional.

Coactum Form: (Rank 4) In this form, an Anneptis can become a manifestation of pure force and/or energy or material. However, it must be an energy/force/material that they already control.

Animal Types: There are several animal types that an Anneptis can choose from, and whichever one they choose they will be able to draw the most from. Their True Form will be totally based off of this and their Animal Form will be mostly based off of this. The various types to choose from are as follows:
  • Aves (Birds)
    Fish (Includes other marine animals ie: Cephalopod (octopus,squid), jellyfish, etc)
    Arthropods (Insects, Spiders, Crustaceans, etc.)
Note: If one desires to have an additional main animal type, they can take Zoology as a Study, and supplement a single animal for an entire type.

Familiar: An Anneptis may draw upon the power of nature’s Flora or Fauna to summon a Familiar. Their familiar will not have the same animal type as the Anneptis, but rather to balance will have what the Anneptis would consider their second best. The Familiar can transform freely within that animal type, but only within that type.

Familiar Size Manipulation: (Rank 4) At Rank 4, an Anneptis’ Familiar can learn how to manipulate their size, so that whatever animal they choose to become within their animal type, they can also increase its size if so so desire. Size enhancement will scale with rank, so increases/decreases that are not sensible for rank will not be allowed.

Studys: Studys are the power pools that Anneptii can draw upon, however they are limited in number, but less restricted in depth. Anneptii believe in developing their particular Study to its fullest potential rather than widening their horizons and expanding their Studys to the max number. The number of Studys and at what ranks are listed below.
  • 7th/6th Rank: 1 Study Total

    5th: 2 Studys Total

    3rd: 3 Studys Total
When wishing to learn a new Study, or gain an additional ability for one of their current Studys, an Anneptii must like a Shrew, go into the field, which is the world outside the Crater, and search for pieces of lost material from the Keiz Library that existed before the destruction wrought by the Tartarians. Tomes are books which grant a Study, and Scrolls are smaller pages, which grant only abilities. Anneptii are able to learn a Study and up to three aspects from that Study from a single Tome, and two aspects from a Study can be learned from a single scroll.

~See Study Specifics Here~

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