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The Wings of a Fairy (Last Updated: 12/1/2015)

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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The Wings of a Fairy (Last Updated: 12/1/2015)

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Within the Elven Capital of Zenthel City, there is a Guild of Elven “Mages” dedicated to the study of turning Positive Emotions into a means of combat magic. The Guild, lead by the Great Fairy, is a large tree directly East of the Great Oak. It is here, a white marble and stone palace rests within it’s branches. This is the Guild of the Fairy, where a character's journey down one of the 9 Classes of Fairy begins.

When a character comes to the Guild of the Fairy, they are to meet with the great Fairy, a Fairy said to have mastered all the Classes of Fairy. After meeting with the Great Fairy, she will use her Mastery over the Classes to randomly decide two possible outcomes for your character. Out of these two, one must be chosen. If none are liked, one can be freely chosen.

To become a Fairy and gain a Class, a character must first learn to tap into one of their virtues and only then can one become a Fairy. (Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Forgiveness, Kindness and Humility). Once a virtue has been tapped into, the virtue manifests itself into a Field of Willpower.

This Field of Willpower allows a Fairy to call forth their wings, in turn activating their Classes attributes.

The Fairy aspect has two types of Fairy: Hybrid and Pure.

A Hybrid Fairy, only available to someone 4th rank or Higher, is a combination of two Classes. The first is the original class a Fairy becomes when taking on the aspect and the second is a class of their choice they receive when they head back to the great fairy at 4th Rank. Becoming a Hybrid Fairy is optional.

A Pure Fairy is a fairy who chooses to stay with one class.

All Fairy are capable of flight, excluding the Cait Sith who have to use a familiar to fly.

Salamander - the Fighter - Red Wings
Offensive Type - the Salamander is the perfect up close and personal type.
Flame Weaver - A Salamander can weave fire and imbue his weapon or fists with the power of flame.
Prefered Weapons: Two-handed Sword, One-Hand Swords, Knuckles, Claws.

Sylph - the Spellsword - Green Wings
Spellsword - Along with physical damage, a Sylph can imbue any weapon they wield with any element, using physical and elemental in conjunction for dual pronged attacks.
Use physical and magical attacks equally
Along with Imp, Slyph is the fastest.
Wind Weaver - A Slyph specializes in weaving the wind
Prefered Weapons: rapiers, daggers, bows

Undine - the Water Healer - Light Blue Wings
Water Healing - Undines water contains special properties that allow it to heal
Mainly magical attacks with some physical capabilities if desired
Manipulation of water
Weapons: One-handed swords, staffs, bows

Cait Sith - Tamer of Beasts - No Wings
Beast tamers, leaning towards assisted physical prowess
Is connected with chosen familiar and uses familiar based spells
Manipulation of beasts and animals
Weapons: Knuckles, daggers, bows, maces, clubs.

Leprechaun - the Engineer - Black Mechanical Wings
Blacksmith Type - A Blacksmith is capable of forging temporary weapons or copie sof weapons on the fly that usually only last a few shots/swings/blocks.
A Blacksmith can also forge permanent weapons, but this takes time and requires earth elements.
Weapons: Hammers, Prongs

Imp - the Shadowstalker - Purple Wings
Shadowstalking - An Imp is a master of the night, allowing them to use the shadows as a means of quick almost teleportation-like movement. But only if the shadows or night are connected.
Night Vision - An Imp can see even in the darkest of darkness.
Sensory Jamming - A passive trait that jams anyone trying to sense them.
Along with Slyph, Imp is the fastest.
Weapons: Daggers, Short swords, scythes, sickles,

Spriggan - Illusionary Seeker - White Wings
Treasure Hunter - A Spriggan is a great treasure hunter, and even better at detecting traps and illusions.
Illusionist - A Spriggan is capable of casting illusions in an area that trick the target. Eye contact must be made.

Gnome - the Brute - Brown Wings
Tank - Normally, Gnomes are the tank. They are capable of surrounding themselves in rock, crystal, metals or earth for defense. They can use this defense to block attacks and regrow that defense.
They can also greatly manipulate the battlefield.
A Gnome also has the best elemental resistance.

Pooka - the Bard - Yellow Wings
Song, Dance and Hymn - Song, Dance or Hymn are used to confuse, buff, debuff, or support allies or oneself in battle.

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