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Warning my Mother

Pyramid of Rest
Upper Promenade - Singles Homes: Places for those without couples, usually small homes.
Middle Promenade - Family Homes: Homes for those with two or more people, great place for kids and small pets.
Lower Promenade - Companion Housing: Homes for those with large companions too large to fit in the Upper and Mid Promenade.
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Warning my Mother

Sat Dec 30, 2017 1:58 am

☼A day or so after leaving Excelsior, I would arrive in Keiz and quickly make my way towards the East of the Pyramid, where my family's home resided in the residential section of the pyramid. I just hoped and prayed that my mother, Tatsui, would be home. I had terrible news...or at least what I thought to be terrible. As I scurried towards the house, Silvano trailed in my wake, not really wanting to hurry, but only doing so because he worried about me and wanted to support me in finding my mother. Thus, he jogged lightly beside me as I ran towards home. Once getting there, I threw open the door without knocking, quick running down the hall towards the kitchen and living room that were opposite each other. I looked desperately for my mother, calling out to her to get her attention, should she hopefully be home.☼
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Re: Warning my Mother

Sat Jan 13, 2018 6:51 am

Alexis would enter the living room and be greeted by Kazaishou, balancing on the back legs of a chair with a book in his hand, legs up upon the table. He was in full lounge move, silver hair tied up in a small knot at the top of his head, a blanket draped carefully around his shoulders, half a plate of pickled radishes upon the table. As Alexis seemed to burst into the room with urgency, Kaza sat upright quickly, his finger between the pages of the book.

"What's the rush, bian?"

He still sounded a little casual as he stood up, sliding a bit of scrap for a bookmark in the book and setting it down on the table. Clearly he wasn't aware of the gravity of the situation.

"Lookin' fer yer ma, I'm guessin'?"

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