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Kasotsu's Abilities

Only approved abilities belong here. Any adjustments must be posted as a separate post and approved by a Moderator or Administrator before being utilized.
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Kasotsu's Abilities

Tue Jan 19, 2016 10:04 pm

Kento Legacy: Raikoglyff

Raikoglyff: Originating from a specific artifact that belongs to the Kento Clan. This artifact, the Nerves of the Eternal, grants those members of the clan the abilities of this glyff. It is a glyff that allows the user more in depth access/power over lightning, especially in the area of the body/nervous system. It allows the user to control electricity via Electrokinesis, and grants that the user can see any amount of electric current no matter the size. Allows user to also see through objects and surroundings, like x-ray vision. When activated, no actual glyff appears anywhere on the body like normal. Simply produces an lightning blue aura over the user's eyes, which also emits small sparks every now and then.

-->Nerve Creation: I can use the Raikoglyff to make my Nerve cells multiply rapidly, which in turn speeds up my reactions, my healing, my speed, and strength. All take a bonus.

Electrokinesis: Through the Raikoglyff, I am about to generate, manipulate, and absorb/redirect electric energy and electricity. Not only can I draw upon electricity in its raw natural form, but I can also combine it with my other abilities. The nerves in my body also serve as a pathway to unleash/generate electricity from my body naturally, as well as a pathway to redirect it from other sources.

Mistfire Legacy: Mist Magic

Mist Magic: I've been imbued with the power of Mist, an all by lost ancient magic that was passed to me by Farron. It has a wide range of spells and abilities, few of which I have actually mastered. Known abilities and spells will be listed below.

Mist Summon: Allows me to summon the Mist to my side any time I wish. It appears as a foggy grey cloud around me.

Obscure: Mist enshrouds me, allowing me to obscure myself from sight and some powers that enhance vision metaphysically.

Mist Cloud: Creates a small storm cloud out of Mist over head in which I can imbue with electricity and acts as a sort of summon or turret, unleashing bolts of electricity or other elements I imbue into it.

Mistfrost: Allows the Mist to solidify, creating grey looking ice. Can be used to encase individuals or create defenses/attacks. The grey ice itself has a higher melting point than normal ice/water. Upon melting, reverts back to Mist again, but tends to shatter first.
Locked till higher rank:

Mist Phasing: Allows teleportation like movement using Mist as gates.

Mistfire/Mistflame: The Mist reaches an energized state at which point it bursts into flame. The flames are dull grey, giving off faint bluish light. They have 3x the burning power of normal flames and cannot be easily extinguished by water. It does not need oxygen to remain viable.

Mist Beams: Converts Mist into pure energy, which is launched in beams of bluish-grey light. Can cut/blast through high grade metals.
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Re: Kasotsu's Abilities

Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:49 am


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