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Manyshot the mercenary

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Manyshot the mercenary

Wed May 27, 2015 10:42 pm

Name: Manyshot
age: 30
gender: Male
W.O.C. : Revolvers, Double-ended blade, Explosives
History: Born he had a strange and deadly ability, the ability to create explosions, acidic waves, fiery detonations, and electrical storms with the snap of a finger as well as the uncanny ability to get along with any animal no matter how dangerous it was. No babysitter alive would watch this toddler of hell and his parents could never go out without Manyshot. The only people he never used his powers against were his parents. He lived with his parents til tragedy struck.

Manyshot was kidnapped by a clan at age 10 and faked his death by sending ground fresh and raw meat through an oncoming semi forcing him to be announced as dead. Within the clan Manyshot was put through grueling, painful, and cruel training to gain an inhuman degree of control over his own body, he learnt how to control everything from his own blood to his emotions turning them off entirely. He was even brainwashed to think the clan was his family until one day a photo flew into the wind hitting Manyshot in the face reminding him of his real parents.

With anger rising as his memories came back he ran from his clan and never saw them again. Once he tracked down his old home he found it abandoned and heard his parents had left the country never to be heard of again. With nothing under his belt but skills of death he became a mercenary taking on many jobs some even questionable to take up due to the cruel nature. One day the jobs began drying up and Manyshot left for Escellsia not only for jobs but to see some distant family. Once he visited his cousin of the skylit kingdom he began plying his trade there and struck it big in revenge when he got a job to slay the clan that kidnapped him in the first place. Succesful in his job he had then joined with some questionable characters wanting to break into skylit kingdom and rob them of their treasure. At that time Manyshot no longer had any morals and was just a ice cold blooded assassin willing to kill an infant if it paid.

Manyshot remained like this til he had a change of heart and was back to on the fence when it came to morals. He became employed by Miles and Mark at the same time as Mark's bodyguard and Miles's spy to keep an eye on Revil. As payment he was given high tech upgrades and at one point had to lose an arm so was given a mechanical arm that could fire like a gatling gun, coat itself in spikes and had the strength of a crocodile's jaw. Armed with that as well as his high tech nanosuit and upgraded motorcycle provided by Miles he joined Miles in the assault on Goldbeard with his new pal a Bloodwing he nicknamed Blood.

When the genetically altering bomb was detonated Manyshot and Blood were sent flying from the explosion and once recovered he healed himself and stopped the bleeding on Blood. Once he gathered his new replaced equipment similar to what he had before he went on with his mission to search and watch Revil, guard Mark, and kill Goldbeard.

Manyshot had found Mark surprisingly back at his old company and explained he no longer required a bodyguard because his rage mode had vanished, as professional and emotionless as Manyshot was he couldn't help but feel like part of his life was over as all that time he protected Mark he felt like he was less a customer and more a close friend. With a goodbye gift of some tech provided by Mark he left and searched for Revil. With Revil nowhere to be seen he noticed he heard rumors of a couple that seemed familiar. His parents that he lost long ago. He finally met them once more but his mother cried at what her son had become and his father calmed his wife saying to Manyshot “If this is what you've become my son died years ago.”.
With nowhere to go Manyshot left for mercenary business taking on jobs that were now more on the morally correct business, but felt him slipping closer to his morally incorrect self the more he thought of his parents deserting him. Once again he was on the fence with the conundrum “Are morals a correct thing to consider in jobs or not?”. One job in particular brought him closer to Goldbeard's new location and Axel whom he had found drinking his depression away and he knew what he had to do. Approaching Goldbeard he offered his services to the crew and demonstrated his skills. He drew up a contract and Goldbeard had signed. However Manyshot had done something that he thought would never do in his life. He back stabbed his customer breaking his 100% no back stab policy. Discreetly recruiting Goldbeards crew to be ready to stage a mutiny. Once the mutiny was staged to Manyshot's surprise he found some of the crew stayed loyal to Goldbeard and that Miles's son was on the ship. Using Manyshot's alliance with the majority of Goldbeard's crew he had fought his way to Miles's son and sent him on his way signaling for someone to come aboard. With a call all pirates who joined Manyshot abandoned ship as they saw a cloaked man charge the ship and leap aboard with a deafening bang of an explosion behind him. The cloaked man was Axel who found out how to trigger his plan he made Miles help with. With a self destruction the ship was destroyed and Goldbeard was sent flying injured and weak. Leaving his weapons to who he chose Axel had died making amends for the destruction he had caused in his life.

Manyshot seeing Goldbeard fly would leave Lloyd (Miles's son) with a bypasser who was asked to bring him to the nearest hospital and charged for Goldbeards landing spot. Once he found Goldbeard alive yet severely injured he tied him up, gagged him, blinded him and deafened him. You see after learning who he held on board he knew who should do the punishing.....

With Goldbeard's justice done in and Ignatious defeated Manyshot was then assigned as Lloyds discreet bodyguard with a verbal contract of upgrades to his gear whenever asked of. During these 6 months Manyshot kept his word and either had himself or Bloodwing above in the sky watching Lloyd to protect him, however for when real discreet manners were required Manyshot convened with the local animal life to spy on Lloyd to make sure hew as safe and report to Manyshot if any issues arised.
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Re: Manyshot the mercenary

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