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Arren Waters

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Arren Waters
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Arren Waters

Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:01 pm

Full Name: Arren Waters
  • True Name: Unachieved
True Age: 8
  • Physical Age: 23
Occupation: Budding Adventurer
Birth Order:
  • Grandparents: Jasso (meaning To Laugh) [Grandfather], Evethi (meaning Water) [Grandmother]
    Parents: Najaho (meaning To Be Victorious) [Father], Unknown Mother
    Siblings: Davvi (meaning Good/Useful) [Older Half-Sister]
    Spouse: None
    Children: None
    Grandchildren: None
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Male
Height: 7’7” (and growing)
Weight: 396 lbs.
Race: Glacial Goliath (Iron Aura Tribe)
Eye Colour: Sapphire Blue
Hair Colour: Jet Black
Skin Tone: Mahogany
Build: Members of the Goliath race are built robust and statuesque. Towering over most intelligent life, but paling in comparison to Giants of which they are mythicized to being an offshoot of. Glacial Goliath in particular have very thick and dark skin, to survive below zero temperatures and the various pressures of the sea.

Arren is no exception to this rule, in fact he is a prime example. Arren is slightly larger than boys his same age, due to his father being a tribal chief and, therefore, having opportunistic choice of mating consorts. Despite never receiving his warrior name, Arren is as fit as any warrior that has, and cuts an imposing figure even if he tries to appear nonviolent (Something many Iron Aura are not).
Distinguishing Features: Arren’s sapphire eyes have a slight, outworldly, glow to them, making them easily visible and identifiable in the dark. Obviously, this impairs stealth, but a man of his size isn’t very stealth to begin with. Other Glacial Goliath do not share Arren’s strange eyes, and it is assumed to be something he inherited from his outsider of a mother.
Attire: Arren wears traditional Iron Aura Tribal garb everywhere, no exceptions.

Tribal garb is usually made up of the fabrics and furs gleaned from the game that each member of the race hunts themselves, and sewn by a maternal figure in the family, usually the grandmother who chooses the style. It can be robes, tunics and especially kilts, of which the men usually wear to expose their bare chests and battle scars.

Arren’s main outfit was crafted by his grandmother, as her final gift to him before her passing.

The outfit consists of a sleeveless tunic, baggy pants, fur-trimmed boots, and a belt with a skirt-like fur drape attached to it that wraps around the waist. The outfit came with detached sleeves that expose his shoulders, and the tattoos that adorn them, and have fingerless gloves sewn attached, but Arren prefers not to wears these and instead wears hand wraps that leave his fingers exposed but extend to the middle of his forearms.
Disabilities: Arren suffers from dyslexia. He has about normal cognitive facilities, but because his clan pass information and history orally, there was never any need to learn how to read. However, when he was young and his mother was still around she began teaching him to read written word, but when she vanished the teaching stopped and he has a very remedial understanding of written word.



Glacial Goliath are brutal, battle-hungry raiders. They plunder and pillage without any remorse and love causing pain to their enslaved settlements just as much as they do punching each other in the face and waxing poetic about the war crimes they’ve committed. Conquering is their lifeblood and battle is their ritual to honor the gods that favor them so.

Arren isn’t that different, but different enough to be considered an oddity and a disgrace to his father, Najaho, leader of the Iron Aura Tribe, and his grandfather, Jasso. While ambitious, with thoughts of lands beyond the tundra and frozen waters that the Iron Aura roam, Arren appears largely indifferent to the plunder and pillage that takes place around him, though tribal chiefs should be having the most fun, and only relishes in the solitary hunt. He’s quiet, reserved, and thoughtful. Always thinking about the things that his missing mother had never been able to teach him before her disappearance. Unfortunately, these unique character traits make him appear weak in the eyes of many of his Iron Aura brethren, and has caused his father to withhold his warrior name and final warrior's sigil tattoo. Something that marks all Iron Aura Goliath as men and solidifies their place amongst their brothers in arms and infuses them with the blessing of their gods.

Many believe he inherited his weakness from the “witch” his father bedded in order to conceive him because she convinced their chief to allow her to coddled Arren in his developmental years, and Arren hides deep feelings of inferiority from being constantly compared to both his undefeatable father and master strategist grandfather, as well as his older sister, who achieved her warrior name only a year after she was born. These feelings of inadequacy cause him to doubt his consider talents and stature when compared to other boys his age, and forced him to shy away, and eventually withdraw, from Iron Aura society, but never losing his pride in being one. Thinking to become an adventurer and learn all the things his mother failed at teach.

Personal History

“We Rule, We Conquer”

The battle chant of the Iron Aura and the thing that keeps them riding from settlement to settlement, razing everything to the ground and erecting monuments to themselves and their warrior gods deep in the frozen tundra of a long forgotten territory. They commit atrocities for the fun of it and to please their gods in which they believe they are the favorites out of all the other Goliath tribes. Do they meet other tribes, yes, and they raze them to the ground too. An unstoppable force with an immovable object of a chief, imbued with the Iron Aura of their namesake.

That is Arren’s father, and his father before him, and his father before him. A heavy burden and great power. An honor that only the tribal chief can pass to someone of their blood who they claim as family.

An honor that will never befall Arren... He is an outsider, and oddity amongst the Iron Aura. A disgrace to their great chief and they all blame his mother.

After seizing control over a deeply spiritual settlement deep in the mountains, Arren’s father, Najaho, bedded the ethereal leader to the people they had just conquered, a woman that he has trouble describing with words. All he can remember is the glow in her eyes and that once he laid eyes upon her, he had to have her and he did. And it wasn’t too soon after that that Arren was born. The second child of Najaho, the Victorious, but the very first son and the “next great leader of the Iron Aura!”

The tribe was elated, Najaho was as well, and he chose to keep Arren’s mother as a prize, like he had many other women. None he claimed as a queen, and Arren’s mother was no exception, though she had Najaho’s ear like no other before her and, possibly, his heart. Arren sprung to life like any goliath child, finding his footing as soon as he was ripped from the womb and being able to run before being even a week old. Somehow, however, Arren’s mother was able to convince Najaho that it was in Arren’s best interest if he remained with her for the first few years of his birth, instead of learning what it meant to be an iron Aura

Arren’s mother began to enrich his mind, teaching him to read and telling him stories of lands beyond the tundra, while the years enriched his body as it does for all Goliath. It wasn’t long until he reached maturity, about 5 years, and that was the year that his mother disappeared from his life and he learned how cruel being an Iron Aura was without the warmth of his mother. He failed to achieve his warrior name at a reasonable age because nothing he did was ever good enough for the chief’s son and he was always outshined by his older sibling, Davvi, who earned her name in a year..

With the deck stacked so obviously against him, never being able to achieve the approval of his father or his other Iron Aura, Arren chose to supersede his responsibilities as the chief’s son and replace them with thoughts of adventure and he set out one stormy night to find his way to the lands his mother’s stories sang about.
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Re: Arren Waters

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Re: Arren Waters

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