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6 Months After Ignatius - Announcement

Updates to the site and other news, or general things to be announced to the public.
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6 Months After Ignatius - Announcement

Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:08 am

End of the Ignatius Arc - Beginning of the Eclipsian Arc
After the defeat of Ignatius, the Order was quick to rebuild itself, soon to follow suit was Kingstown and Morgenstall of Laurentia which both suffered attacks to their city centres. As the Laurentian’s rebuilt what they had lost, a new ruler by the name of Mirg, the Soulmarcher took the former Throne of Ignatius as the leading power of Ubel Gegand and the Excelsian Lands. His reformation involved the disbandment of the Essence Reaver's and the formation of the Soul Academy, a place where Soul Weapon and Meister come together and the choice to not be part of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations.

As this was being done, Ariel Fortune, pirate of the Outlands went missing, in her absence, all that was holding the Outlands together was pulled apart and soon, all across Kwandrivia, pirates, smugglers and raiders began rising up. To counter this, and keep their ports safe, all current nations within the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations formed the Vigilant’s, a loose Mercenary Group that does everything for the sake of Cash.

In another effort to keep things safe and tighten security across the lands. 5 people have been directly promoted by the Order of they so choose. (Reply to this if your want your characters to be or not)

Miles Seiler - 3rd Rank to Second Rank
Chizuni Kento - 3rd Rank to Second Rank
Alyss Frey - 3rd Rank to Second Rank
Thalia Moonchill - 4th Rank to 3rd Rank
Medius - 4th Rank to 3rd Rank
Tatsui Suou - 4th Rank to 3rd Rank
Abraham Revil - 3rd Rank to Second Rank
Ezekiel “Something” - Second Rank to 1st

New Aspects
Path of a Corsair - Pirate Themed Aspect - “Link Here”

Vigilants of the Legion - Mercenary Aspect - “Link Here”

Reworked Soul Weapon Aspect - “Link Here”

Removed Aspects
Essence Reaver - Essence Collecting Aspect - “Link Here” - A Character now has to personally ask “Character” for this aspect.

Updates and Changes to the Forum
Keiz - Keiz has been completely reworked after it was destroyed.
the Order - Because it was obliterated, the Order has been rebuilt with a new city wide theme and new places.
Morgenstall, Laurentia Militarized Zone and Kingstown - These have been rebuilt to the state they were before Ignatius attacked.
Ignatius Canyon - This was a massive area created by Ignatius when he fired his Solar Cannon. It is a 600 or so kilometre long and 50km or so wide canyon, it will soon become a freshwater lake.

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