I have Rebuilt the Kwandrivia Roleplay World, there are new national banner and a simplified layout that is easier to use and has less subforums. I have also skipped the Civil War Idea I had and just made the new layout with that in mind.

The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.

The Currency of Kwandrivia (Last Updated: 12/10/2014)

This is where you find the Rules and whatnot. The 101's on how to do things here~
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The Currency of Kwandrivia (Last Updated: 12/10/2014)

Mon Jun 09, 2014 10:49 pm

[center]How to earn Credits and Points.[/center]

Missions are the easiest way to earn Credits and Points. All missions have 4 class types that each determine how hard and how much a character earns for the completion of the mission.

Class 7 Missions - 7th Rank Missions
1 - 15 Golden Credits Per Mission
1 Point

Class 6 Missions - 6th Rank Missions
16 - 33 Golden Credits Per Mission
2 Points

Class 5 Missions - 5th Rank Missions
33 - 66 Golden Credits Per Mission
3-4 Points

Class 4 Missions - 4th Rank Missions
66 - 132 Golden Credits Per Mission
4-8 Points

Monsters come in 6 different classes and each class determines how strong that monster is. With each class being stronger, it also means the rewards are greater.

Common: 3 Golden Credits
Uncommon: 6 Golden Credits
Rare: 12 Golden Credits and Sometimes 1 - 2 Points
Legendary: 48 Golden Credits and Sometimes 2 - 4 Points
Tartus: 192 Golden Credits and Sometimes 8 - 16 Points
Omega: Unknown

Character to Character Battles
Fighting another character can earn your character a set amount of Credits no matter a victory or loss, a win however adds Points to the mix.

7th Rank Battle
7 Golden Credits for participation
1 Point for Win

6th Rank Battle
14 Golden Credits for participation
2 Points for Win / 1 Point for Loss

5th Rank Battle
28 Golden Credits for participation
3 Points for Win / 1 Point for Loss

4th Rank Battle
35 Golden Credits for participation
4 Points for Win / 2 Points for Loss

3rd Rank Battle
42 Golden Credits for participation
5 Points for Win / 2 Points for Loss

2nd Rank Battle
49 Golden Credits for participation
6 Points for Win / 3 Points for Loss

1st Rank Battle
56 Golden Credits for participation
7 Points for Win/ 3 Points for Loss

Pokemon Battles
Participating in Pokemon battles does not take into account your character’s rank. Because you are strictly using your Pokemon, Pokemon battles earn you a different amount of Gold Credits than a character versus character battle would.

Baby Pokemon
Wild Win - 4
Opposing Trainer Battle Win - 6
Loss/Tie - 4

1st Tier
Wild Win - 7
Opposing Trainer Battle Win - 12
Loss/Tie - 4

2nd Tier
Wild Win - 14
Opposing Trainer Battle Win - 28
Loss/Tie - 4

3rd Tier
Wild Win - 35
Opposing Trainer Battle Win - 36
Loss/Tie - 4

Wild Win - 75
Opposing Trainer Battle Win - 111
Loss/Tie - 4

Bounties yield the highest possible rewards. This means that they are difficult, dangerous, tough and may get your character killed. Here is the amount of Points someone gets for completing a bounty hunt, or from failing one.

7th Rank Battle
2 Point for Win/No Points for Loss/Failure

6th Rank Battle
3 Points for Win / 1 Point for Loss/Failure

5th Rank Battle
5 Points for Win / 1 Point for Loss/Failure

4th Rank Battle
7 Points for Win / 2 Points for Loss/Failure

3rd Rank Battle
8 Points for Win / 2 Points for Loss/Failure

2nd Rank Battle
9 Points for Win / 3 Points for Loss/Failure

1st Rank Battle
10 Points for Win/ 3 Points for Loss/Failure

Posting in and completing threads can also earn you points, these are base points that are earned no matter what.

Site Event: 3
Character Storyline: 2 (2 Pages Minimum)
Missions: 2
Bounty: 3
C2C/Pokemon Battles: 1
Special (Aspect/Pokemon Starter): 1

[center]Spending Your Credits.[/center][/u]

750 Credits get your character their own sticky thread made within the city of their choice. This is made in the city’s appropriate residential areas.

5000 Credits grants your character their own forum, placed anywhere within a territory or city. With the exception of Excelsior and the Ascendancy of Titaus

Fancy a pirate ship that sail on clouds, or a battleship that dominates the sea, or even a state of the art space ship capable of traversing the stars? Well with enough credits you can, just head to (Area’s here) and inquire about one.

Common: Basic weapons like iron swords, steel axes, etc.
Rare: More rare ones like enchanted ones,
Master: Only 9 exist and each control an element. Ice, Lightning, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Dark Light and Gravity
Legendary: Weapons crafted by the Tartarian Themselves, forged with steel blessed by the original gods. These can only be purchased using Points.

A Shop
For 550 Golden Credits your character can open a shop, selling wares and goods of their choice. (With limits however)
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Re: The Currency of Kwandrivia (Last Updated: 6/9/2014)

Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:37 am


Points are now to be used exclusively for Ranking up (Ranks 7-4) while Golden Credits (GC) are used solely for purchase of materials, as currency, etc.
Points are like experience points or skill points earned, and cannot be treated as physical/material (thus cannot be traded/bought/otherwise exchanged). However, they can be "spent" when a person within the ranking bracket wishes to increase in rank. Characters above the ranking bracket indicated above should still keep track of point, for they will be able to use them later on for other things....(Will specify more at a later date).
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Re: The Currency of Kwandrivia (Last Updated: 12/10/2014)

Wed Dec 10, 2014 9:07 am

[Updated] Pokemon Battles have been added.

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