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Factions, Alliances and Countries (Last Updated: 4/23/2015)

This is where you find the Rules and whatnot. The 101's on how to do things here~
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Factions, Alliances and Countries (Last Updated: 4/23/2015)

Thu Apr 23, 2015 6:13 pm

Kwandrivia has 3 types of occupied territories. These territories are either player owned, or part of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations. The Legion of Nations are the Kwandrivia equivalent of the United Nations of present day.

Any territory will begin as a Factions. These are small, players owned, self declared territories or cities that are player run and ruled. Despite a player walking into a land and taking it over for themselves or another. Players must still roleplay the take over and get the takeover approved so their faction can be added to the forum and map. Factions are not safe from attack or takeover. If a neighboring country, alliance or faction sees a players land as valuable, they are able to march in and declare invasion.

Factions are begun when a character or multiple characters takes a territory over.

Forum wise a Faction gets their own forum within the Territory of the Continent they exist in. They get a single city and up to two territories: Forests, Jungle, Desert, Voids, to go around it. Territories are determined by the map, as a desert in the far north makes no sense unless it’s magically sustained.


Alliances are a group of Factions and Countries or Factions or Countries. Each Alliance means that the involved Factions and Countries form a Federation, where each country or faction of self governed but selects a Representative to Represent them in political affairs (the Order for the Legion of Nations is an example)

This is a massive area of land that is governed by some sort of leader. All countries are major players in the Role-play world and occupy large portions of a map. Countries are a greater force than most factions and can easily mass armies large enough to take out smaller factions. Some like the Laurentia Empire and Dominion Federation even occupy points in space and on other astral bodies. Any faction or country can try and invade a country, but doing so will involve full scale war.

Forum wise a country gets their own territories and cities that are all places into a single forum. The country then Selects one major city to be it’s capital. This capital houses all the government, player houses, aspects and major areas. Countries are also able to make up to 3 aspects based on what their leaders want. Aspects must still be looked over by the administrators.

Country Demotions
Should a major Country be attached to the point it’s lands and cities are taken control of and it remains with 4 or less territories, a country is automatically demoted to a Faction. If the country is demoted to a faction, it loses its capital city and become just another territory within the world.

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