Revan's Shrewish Abilities.

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Relentless Terraform

When Revan was an Anneptii’s Familiar, her form was that of a poisonous plant, Nightshade. After being turned into a Shrew, Revan lost control of this ability and it overtook her body turning her from a oxygen breathing life form into a poison based life form. She is incapable of breathing or being in areas she has not terraformed. This ability however, can not be controlled. It it a relentless passive always happening and always active. Terraformation is easiest where there is vegetation, this is where it requires the least Navitaas to use. Anywhere else and she rapidly expels energy.

Terraformation takes the form of poisonous flying beetles, rapidly growing moss, a thick green haze and various types of poisonous plants, mostly nightshade to mirror her Familiar past.

This is Revan's Relic, it takes the form of a bow and arrow. Each shot can draw forth Poisonous Naavitas and fire it at incredible ranges. It is more of a charge cannon that it it a bow. The longer the bow is drawn the more dense and powerful the Poisonous Naavitas becomes. ... 4klg0a.jpg

Revan's First Aspect - Chemistry
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