Territory of the Anglia Empire

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  • Oxford
    Oxford Territory is a peninsula on the far western section of Anglia. The entire area is made up of hundreds of kilometers of flowery hills and fields that give the area a rainbow look. This area of Anglia is know worldwide for it's Golden Hill tulips.
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  • Northumbria
    Northumbria is the former region of Acadia that used to be part of the Laurentia Empire before it split up. Northumbria is still the second largest city in the world by size and still resembles much of what made it part of the Laurentia Empire. The entire area is a build up urban and rural area with cities, farms and communities all packed into one large area. It has a completely different feel to it that anywhere else in Anglia.
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  • Mercia
    Mercia is part of the old Serengeti Plains that makes up the bulk of Anglia. The area has a prairies feel to it with farms, flat landscape and very little of anything significant.
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  • Middlesex
    Middlesex is the farmland and rural areas built all around Kingstown. Like MErcia it has a very Prairies feel to it, but this area can be better described as similar to the USA MidWest.
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  • East Anglia
    From the White Cliffs of Acadia to the rolling fort topped hills of the Tallgrass Meadows. East Anglia has a very different feel to it than Mercia or Middlesex. Old castles can be found by rivers and massive stone structures litter the area.
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  • Kentsylvania
    Kentsylvania is the name given to the former Britannica Jungle area. Kentsylvania separates central Anglia from Excelsior and the Jungle helps act as a buffer zone. Well that and the heavily fortified Anglia Militarized Zone. This particular area speaks a different language that the English, Anglia speaks, in this area the people speak German.
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