Territory of the Coliginosity

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  • Darkenbark Territory
    One of the few remaining natural forests of the Coliginosity. Almost every tree in the Darkenbar has jet black leaves, bark, roots and wood. Almost all data points to the Dark Masque as the reasoning behind this.
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  • Mt Draven
    What used to be a tall majestic perfectly symmetrical peak rising above the surrounding forests soon became a twisted and unnaturally shaped volcano of dark magic. From this twisted mountain spews the Dark Masque, a thick dark magic cloud that forever twisted the Coliginosity into a dead and dying wasteland. What's odd is that the Dark Mask seems to turn to regular clouds once it passes over any Sea, Ocean or the Darkenbark Woods. Some says it's a curse, others say it was done on purpose to provoke a Human-Elven War.

    What is known is that the closer one gets to the mountain, the more the Dark Masque mentally consumes then turning them into a soldier of Darkness, forever bound to the mountains bidding unless they can be purged of the darkness.
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  • Twilight Territory
    The Twilight Clan controls this area of the Coliginosity. This part of the Coliginosity is mainly farmland that was generally left untouched by the Dark Masque, thankfully the Twili that control the area keep and maintain the area from further degradation.
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  • Holloland Territory
    A cold, dry and lifeless farmland that has become the only place that Crylyse can be grown, this rare type of plant absorbs the Dark Masque and produced a delightfully pleasant fruit that is the main ingredient in almost all Coliginosity cuisine.
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  • Lofron Territory
    An every flowing landscape of ash, lava and soot that seemingly comes from nowhere is all this landscape has to offer. This area was the result of Dark Mages trying to manipulate the landscape with Dark Magic.
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  • Deaone Desert
    West of Death City just beyond the park there is a very large and ominous desert like patch of barren and dead land called the Deaone. It is called this because millions of stray souls wander it's parts in search of something to consume. Plant life is unable to grow here, weather doesn't occur here and people don't come here. Around the perimeter of the Deaone and the paths that run through it, are millions of old lamp posts, each radiating with a single soul of some kind. Each lamp post gives off some sort of war-like energy that scares the souls away, and keeps them inside the Deaone and off the path.
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  • Hercynian Forest
    What was once a massive temperate forest filled to the brim with wildlife is now a petrified landscape of black crystal trees that twist and turn all over the place forming a canopy of black crystal vines. There are only two highways leading through this place that are guarded with large walls and Magi-Tek Blasters. What lies in the forest beyond the walls can and will kill you, and if it doesn't, you will probably wish it had.
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  • Union Lake
    An artificial lake built long ago by digging up million of tons of dirt and transporting them to the Lofron Region to be terraformed. Initially the lake was a success, and communities thrived, but ever since the Dark Masque rolled in, nothing has been the same. What was once an almost blue and serene lake is now a tar black lake that holds only the most vile of fish. Still, even to this day, Coliginosity folk like to take a swim or two.
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