the Grand Colosseum

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    From the ground, it appears as a floating golden rainbows coloured orb made from a metallic substance, but from the inside another dimension is to be found within. To get inside the Grand Colosseum, one must head to the monolith directly below the Colosseum and meet with a Dimension Keeper for transportation to the Colosseum. Once inside the Colosseum, thousands of floating islands can be seen filling the golden rainbow metallic void of space. Before you know it however, you'll find yourself within an environment of your choice. Forests, Space, Voids, Water, all sorts of landscapes can be generated. Each landscape is suited to the battle and has everything needed to make an epic Pokemon battle or duel.
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    Here, with the permission of each player, players can fight one another in death matches. No Rules as well because what fun are rules when you fight to the death.
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