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Because the Order is the location all Newcomers will start at, it is protected by a Getten Veil. A Gatten Veil renders all Abilities, Aspects and Weapons useless within the borders of the order. Any attempts to do so will result in intervention from the Order or the Order Guard and may come with a trip to the Vaultress.

Nestled in the heart of a large saltwater lake is a moderate sized island that is home to a gleaming city of unity and togetherness. IT is within this city that your journey will begin. crossroads for the people where Race, Clan, Powers, Gender are of no concern to one another. The Order is here to service the people and act as the pillar that unites and keeps the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations from collapsing down on itself. The city itself was built by representatives of each of the adjoining Nations that came together after the formation of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations, this makes the Order Kwandrivia’s most diverse location.

the Order: Farron, Thundarius, Verti
National Theme: Multicultural, Diversity
Aspects: Force Sensitivity, Wand Weilding, Vigilants of the Legion
  • Tower of the Order
    At the heart of the City of Order is a massive 500 meter obelisk of sandstone and copper. It has not a single window or any floors save for 3 at the very top. Each of these floors is an office, home and workspace for each member of the Order. At the very top of the tower is a glass pyramid shaped top where meetings between the Order and the Leaders of Nations are held.
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  • St Lakeil's Hospital
    St. Lakeil's Hospital is Kwandrivia's largest hospital and medical sciences research facility. The building is completely government owned and run, but still takes Golden Credits for those with major injuries to pay each Hired Ranked Doctor. After the attack from Mirg, Thundarius has had teleporters installed throughout the Hospital to teleport people directly to the facility for quicker medical care.
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  • Adventum Hotel and Cantina
    Kwandrivia’s Social Gathering Haven! Come here to let your character have some worry free good times. Drink, Party, Rave, Whatever tickles your characters’ fancy. Also a place player characters can stay for free if they do not have a home.
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  • Marketplace
    The Marketplace is more an open concept mall than a true market. Either way it in the largest of Kwandrivia commercial areas, thus, literally any goods one could find round Kwandrivia can be found here, sometime cheaper, sometimes lower. Shopkeepers may sometimes offer up unique missions to those looking to acquire goods or resources. Owners of shops around Kwandrivia also get a free both here to sell goods.
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  • Cinderkeep
    Here resides Nathanial Scott, legendary Blacksmith of the Order. One can come here to request weapons of great power, for great prices. Artifacts can also be created here, but only with each Order members given permission. To anyone entering the shop, nothing looks out of the ordinary. To the Blacksmith, the shop is through the rear door, where a Polderstoke-like furnace for forging weapons can be found.
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  • the Library
    The Library is the centre source for all knowledge. It's walls are filled to the brim with books and information. The library is 13 stories high and an unknown amount deep. Inside of the basement levels is like a never ending labyrinth of books, computers, scrolls and all forms of information.
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  • Semita University
    A massive building that is only 4 stories high, but extremely large in floor space. It takes up nearly 32 city blocks and has a library that rivals almost that of the Order's Library. Inside these doors is a school large enough for every student in a city with a population of over 7 million and many more who travel here from other nations. The school is also the location where the Order teaches it's aspects and even a place where you can be directly teleported to other Aspects.
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  • City of Order
    A near endless multistory suburban city that sprawls the best it can with the limited waterfront land it has. Here players can purchase various pre-made homes or have thier's placed on a lot.
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  • Ignatius Park
    Before the cleanup, this area was a large section of cityscape home to 120,000 people. After Mirg wiped it clean away, and Ignatius was defeated, the area was turned into open parkland. At it's centre is a large fountain depicting Ezekiel, Mirg and Ignatius locked in battle. At the foot of this fountain surrounding it's entirety are thousands of names etched into stone. These are the people lost in the chaos. The park is now a meeting place for people and a place concerts and shows happen.
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  • Grand Teleportals
    At the waterfront of the city, overlooking the Great Lake is a MASSIVE open air structure that is large enough that entire ships and boats can enter. There are 3 of these in total and each of them is a massive Teleportal that instantly transports people, goods, vessels and many other things around Kwandrivia to the many other Teleportals. To get to a teleportal you must cross one of the 3 bridged connecting the Teleportal to the City of Order. Once there speak to a PortalGuard and they will direct you from there.
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  • Great Lake
    Surrounding the entirety of the Island of Order is a massive lake that is 300 meters below the landscape surrounding it. All of the water that flows into this lake is freshwater making it the largest freshwater lake on Kwandrivia. The lake is sperated from the Discord Ocean at the south by the Ordo Damn and Lock System.
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  • Ordo Mountain
    Almost all of the Island of Order is a massive volcano that rises far above the landscape around the low lying canyon. The Mountain is covered in a thick forest that has remained untouched as long as the Order has stayed on this island. Surrounding the mountain are farmlands and smaller cities which use the lake as a way of life.
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  • Training and Sparring
    From the ground, it appears as a floating golden rainbows coloured orb made from a metallic substance, but from the inside another dimension is to be found within. To get inside the Grand Colosseum, one must head to the monolith directly below the Colosseum and meet with a Dimension Keeper for transportation to the Colosseum. Once inside the Colosseum, thousands of floating islands can be seen filling the golden rainbow metallic void of space. Before you know it however, you'll find yourself within an environment of your choice. Forests, Space, Voids, Water, all sorts of landscapes can be generated. Each landscape is suited to the battle and has everything needed to make an epic Pokemon battle or duel.
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  • Death Match
    Here, with the permission of each player, players can fight one another in death matches. No Rules as well because what fun are rules when you fight to the death.
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