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Territory of the Halcyon Kingdom

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  • Halcyon Shield
    The Halcyon Shield is a vast expanse of bedrock, forest, and freshwater lakes that covers nearly 3/4's of the entire Kingdom of Halcyon. This massive area contains the most natural resources in all of Kwandrivia. It is thanks to the Halcyon''s strict nature preservation rules that this land has remained untouched for so many years.
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  • Kronovsky Region
    the Halcyon Kingdom's Eastern most peninsula is an oddity among Kwandrivia. For hundreds of years the Area has been inhabited by mainly humans. Humans who sought refuge from when Britannica committed Genocide on the Kronov people. The High Elves gave them a section of land and since then these human's have called the Kronovsky Region their home.
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  • Ynshael Region
    The Ynshael Paddies are a flooded area of land used for growing rice. The Paddies are built into steep hillsides as tiered fields. They are also built along rivers and marshes. Oxen and water buffalo, adapted for life in wetlands, are important working animals used extensively in the Paddies. The soil here is among the best soil on all of Kwandrivia.
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  • Halcyon River
    The Halcyon River is the longest river on all of Kwandrivia and is a massive natural resource and a place of many historical Eleven stories. The River starts at the Great Lakes and winds through the Ynshael Paddies before splitting into the Halcyon North and Halcyon South Rivers, they then converge again and finish by exiting into the Discord Strait.
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  • Vldreyln Valley Peaks
    To the east of Zenthel City where the Halcyon River converges into a single river again is an area known as the Vldreyln Valley. Here massive mountains rise up from the landscape to form a site tht was the original homeland of the Dwaves before they were driven out of the area. All through the area are dwarven ruins and remains of what once was.
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  • Lake Triumph and Lake Halcyon
    Lake Triumph and Lake Halcyon Act as a natural border between Laurentia and the Halcyon Kingdom. Both Lakes are preserved and protected under Halcyon law and with the help of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations, Laurentia has also accepted that these lakes are protected. The mountain range that border the two nations also helps.
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