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  • Anglia Empire

    At the end of the Laurentia Empire civil war two nations stood strong on either side of the Destreds Sea. The Southern Nation adopted the name Anglia and chose to remain a more liberal nation as opposed to it's highly conservative Northen counterpart. Anglia is a mush flatter nation and most of it is farming fields and grasslands. The people now live under the rule of King Graham. Like Laurentia, Anglia believes themselves to be the true successor to the Laurantia Empire.

    While Acadia might be the largest city in Anglia, it is not the capital, nor is the second largest city Morgenstall. The capital of Anglia is Kingstown, a former retreat for the old Kings of Britannica. Kingstown has narrow winding roads that stem from larger avenues that are more fit for cars and trucks. Where Acadia has no height limits, Kingstown does. The city also has a focus on more green spaces and bylaws that state no skyscrapers can be built too close to another.

    King: Graham MacDouglas
    National Theme: Modern
    Aspects: Beseeching the Legion
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  • Helm Islands

    A nation driven by the willpower to bend steam and iron into a massive steam powered economy. The Helm Islands was built from fleeing Dwarves and Humans who sought to escape the tyrannical Britannica Empire of the past. Arriving on the islands the fleeing people found Chromiumbark, a mysterious metal that grew in the form of trees. This metal became the backbone of the island along with the power of steam energy.

    The capital of the Helm Islands is fortress peak, a massive iron, steel and Chromiumbark fortress built into the side of a mountain. Built around the fortress are hundreds of homes in various levels until the city finally reaches the sea below.

    the Helm Islands are lead by the Supreme Command, who also has the role of King, with his Generals and Admirals he helps keep the nations stable, and free from the reminders of the Britannica Empire.

    King: Bernd Gehry
    National Theme: Steampunk
    Aspects: Steamdrive, Alchemy, Core Weapons
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  • Excelsior

    Excelsior is all that remains of the Old Kingdom's lands. These remains were once kept locked up by the Gate Keeper Guardian, a great beast created by all 3 Order Members to protect and keep anyone, including themselves out of Excelsior. At the time of Ignatius's escape, it was killed, however, and now the lands of the dead are open to anyone brave enough to enter. Beware! Souls and spirits now wander freely here, unchained by their new ruler. Powers not of the spiritual sort will be diminished here, making anyone entering vulnerable.

    Ubel Gegand is the capital city of Excelsior, it is the heart of the underworld and the place every killed person of Kwandrivia finds themselves in after death. Here they are forced to explore the tainted and torn landscape of a world supposedly forgotten. Ubel Gegand is ruled by the Nein Morgenroete, an organization once ran by the last living Tartarian, Ignatius Light. After Ignatius's defeat, the Soulmarcher Mirg seized control and began restoring order to the chaos brought on by the Tartarian's tyranny. The city's orange-red flames of torment have been extinguished and replaced by blue-green spirit-flames, flickering and casting cool shadows on the once tortured souls, now free to roam the lands of Excelsior.

    Ruler: Mirg the Soulmarcher
    National Theme: Netherworld
    Aspects: Hollofication, Soul Weapons
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