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    The Dominion Federation is Kwandrivia's hub and centre of all things technological and futuristic. The entire nation prides itself on using 100% renewable resources and using 100% non polluting green energy. The Dominion Federation is a norther island who's vast landscape is dominated by the Black Crystal Mountains, and the rest a large Crystal lake and low lying moderately warm cultivated grasslands. The Dominion Federation is managed and run by 3 major companies each overseeing the 3 major landscapes the nation has. While each company owns a section of the nation, all 3 companies work together as a conglomerate to keep everything running smooth. The Dominion Federation also holds land and territory in space and on Kwandrivia's moon Ghilandus.

    Representative: Samantha Thompson
    the Big 3:
    City Style: Futuristic
    Aspects: Afterburner Armour, Mobile Suits, Space Ship
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