the Order's Zephyr Resort and Shallows

Like the Order, powers and abilities do not work here. Missions and Quests are an exception, the Owner's powers also work.

The Zephry Resort and Shallows is a island resort built upon the ruins of an old Covenant. Because of what is was built upon, the Resort is themed in a very ancient way. It's only car accessible roads are the very ones that connect the resort to the Empire Connecting Super Bridge and the large underground carpark. The islands first came to be just after the foundation of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations when it, like the Murkwood Keys rose from the depths of the ocean. Shortly after the island rose from the ocean, a new owner took claim to it and began building Kwandrivia's second largest resort company. Now, all the needs of one looking to relax and have fun are here. the Order so made an agreement with the owner that Zephry Resort was to become property and part of the Order's Territory.
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  • Sandbar Shallows
    Al around the Zephyr Resort is a large area of shallow water. This area is a common area for visitors to the islands because of it's beauty. Because of it's popularity, hundreds of small personal homes have been built atop stilts. The Shallows are just deep enough for boats to sail through but some spots are shallow enough for people to walk upon.
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  • North Resort Offices
    Built directly into the rocky face of Zephry Peak is a large Romanesque building. This colossal structure is the headquarters and offices of Uern Industries, the company that owns and operated the Zephry Resort and Shallows. In the highest dome of the North Resort Offices is William Suwhenzetie's personal residence, It's filled with lot's of trees, places to sleep, a personal beach-like environment. William Suwhenzetie is the CEO and part owner of the Zephyr Resort, the Order owns the rest.
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  • Southern Party Hall
    A massive hall, even greater than the offices lies here, parties, dances and what not are held by the resort.
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  • Southern Docks
    To the south are the southern docks, ships, flying cars and what not dock here. A smaller market can be found here, but is nothing in comparison to the Central Falls Market. A large teleporter that takes you directly to the Order can be found here.
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  • Eastern Springs
    To the east of the main town, there lies a large cascading waterfall. One one of the larger cliffs overlooking the Destreds Sea there is a hotspot for warm hot springs. These springs are always warm and always ready to be bathed in. For legal reasons there is a large wall dividing the largest of these springs. There are also several other smaller springs but they are less popular.
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  • Eastern Halls
    To the east of the Eastern Hot Springs are the Eastern Halls. These halls are home to many things like gambling areas, theater, a sparring arena, and a pokemon battling hall. They are built for entertainment purposes.
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  • Western Residences
    The western portion of the resort is home to the islands caretakers and it's visitors homes. Here visitors are pampered and served the finest of native Kwandrivia meals.
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