Bosery City Slums

Bosery City was the location of the Laurentia Empire's first successful Nuclear Reactor. However, this reactor was flawed, it's major flaw was that it was not protected by a concrete shell. This meant that in the event of a meltdown, the radiation from the meltdown would be contained inside the concrete. Both money and haste were to blame. The lack of proper inspections and no concrete barrier would ultimately spell disaster for the Bosery City Reactor. 50 years ago the reactor went critical, no one but the rich and famous were warned, leaving anyone without warning behind. The entire city and the area around it were lost to the fallout, the city and the millions who remained either died, or became sick. 50 years later, present day, the city remains, but it is nothing but a decaying slum, home to anyone who doesn't have one within the Laurentia Empire. The Laurentia Military eventually built a wall around the city, keeping the slums and it's people in, and the crime and decay that followed out. Now there is all but one rule. You may enter the city, but never leave.
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